at Christmas I secretly write
Am I trying something to hide
well trying not to get a nut
what good i do
and who can I hug

as the evening pass
I notice that the language of us
is amazingness
”ohwau human mind” i guess

I find myself dreaming
I’ll try not to start screaming
in life our mistakes are allowed
in the end expectations rewarded

this evening is full of laugh and joy
to me this christmas is like a new toy
I’m trying to present a poem
in my head there is a low hum
one of us said it will soon be dawn
but let’s not go to sleep camoon

I’m trembling
I think I need a Christmas peace
I think I need this poem to cease

forget not this Christmas I will
but wake up in the sauna in the morning still cheerfully myself I pick up to a chair

Merry Christmas for you all out there
Let’s live the happy spirit in the air

mira s. X-mas 2022